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The services provided to customers are always underpinned by a synergy of roles in a real industrial network, located in Italy and China, which leads to reciprocal success. Various production units that operate as a single entity, while maintaining their excellence. Innovation and technology can thus express in top performances, allowing a perfect attention to details of services offered to companies producing clothing or fabrics.

CODETEX: excellence provided for the major clothing brand in the world
COTECO: professionalism available to manufacturers of fabrics, but not limited to
CVT: the perfect integration in the supply chain of one of the world's largest groups of fabric and clothing.
A combination of rigorous standard and customized services, the result of forty years of experience and competence.


A path full of successes and progress

CO.DE.TEX Group was established at the beginning of the 1970s, when Franco Mussano launched a new kind of service for the textiles-clothing industry. It was the beginning of a path characterized by a steadfast commitment to the concept of quality, a fundamental element of the passion that the Mussano family has always shown and valued.
A powerful, successful story. A story that has contributed to strengthen the perception of "Made in Italy" as a synonym of excellence. A concrete and forward-looking story.


Be the first to get there

The essential principle for any leading company is to be able to anticipate customers’ needs and to invent something that has not yet been created but whose need is already felt. What follows is a continuous evolution, made of improvements in performances and features, which are the backbone of a staunch adoption of new technologies - especially information technology - an indispensable engine for shaping ideas and insights.
Information technology and automation thus become the tools to improve technical and organizational management, but also safety in the workplace.

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